Operations Shutdown


Similancharter & Tour will close all operations starting from 20.3.2020 to ensure everyone’s safety during these difficult times. All bookings until the official season ending date 15.5.2020 are hereby cancelled. All the future bookings are subject to future confirmation.

For further information you can contact us via email by using a contact form (https://similanstour.com/contact-us/) or via our Hotline (+66855096943).

We thank you for understanding and hope to see you soon!

Your Similancharter & Tour Team

Similancharter & Tour reaches Travelife „Sustainability in Tourism“ Partner Status

Similancharter Travelife Sustainability Report 2020

Travelife is an internationally recognised training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies and hotels committed to reaching sustainability. More than 1500 in over 50 countries are using Travelife to improve their business’s environmental, financial and social impact.

Applying GSTC-recognised standards, a wide range of criteria have to be met, assessing operation performance in the areas of human rights, labour, community engagement and environmental impacts.

After years of sustainability efforts, Similancharter & Tour has been awarded with the Travelife „Sustainability in Tourism“ Partner Status in January 2020. Although we are proud to be the first and only speedboat operator worldwide to have received this level of recognition for our efforts, we consider this as merely a milestone on a longer journey.

In the past 6 months we have eliminated all single-use plastic products from the tour operation, intensified the staff training and further education for our employees, implemented waste and water management measures and drastically improved sustainability communication towards guests and partners.

Along with the reduced CO2 footprint by using E85 fuel (made of bio waste from sugar and corn production) we are now able to provide fully sustainable products to our guests and partners.

In an increasingly tough business environment our ambition is to continue to lead the way towards sustainable tourism operations, especially regarding our local tour destinations.

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and
travel agents: (1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3) Travelife Certified. We were awarded the Travelife Partner (stage 2). The Travelife Partner award is a recognition of our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We are complying to more than 100 criteria related to sustainability management, office operations, working with suppliers and customer communication. We are working towards further improvements aiming to eventually reach the Travelife Certified stage by 2022

On the sustainability section of our website, you can learn more in detail about our commitments, actions and  sustainability policy. You will also find a dedicated form to get in touch with us if you have any sustainability related questions.

Similancharter Travelife Partner Certificate


Koh Kam Season Opening


The season has started, and we operated the first Koh Kam tour of this season on Monday 4.11! The sun was shining and we were enjoying the day at sea by swimming, sunbathing, eating and enjoying the comfortable boat ride of the sheltered waters surrounding us.

We are proud to be the only speedboat company to operate tours on this amazing and untouched national park.

Let us tell you a little about this well kept secret, and why everyone tired of tourist crowds should join us on the tour.

Kam Archipelago is a group of five islands belonging to Laem Son National Park, which covers 350 km2 on the west coast of Phang Nga and Ranong provinces. They are yet to be developed, and due to their north location from Phuket, hardly visited by anyone else than few locals and us.

You can read more about this beautiful destination here!

The pearl of Kam Archipelago is definitely the Ao Khwai lagoon, which translated into English means Buffalo Lagoon. That is because Thais usually name islands by how they look, and the shape of Ao Khwai reminds of buffalo’s horns.

On our Koh Kam tour, we are spending 2 hours and having lunch on this beautiful remote Island. It is a perfect getaway for anybody who seeks peace and true paradise experience.

During the 6 month rain season, there are no visitors on this island and the sea conditions are rough. Due to the location and shape towards the open ocean, this beautiful paradise lagoon collects all the trash of these 6 months carried by currents and waves. We at Similancharter & Tour are helping the national park to fight against the plastic pollution by organising beach clean-ups and collecting ghost fish-nets around the national park. You can read about our latest beach clean-up from here!


Koh Kam is a trip to remember. In today’s world lonely beaches in tropical paradise only exist in social media feeds…. and in Laem Son national park.

See you there!

We Are Going Plastic Free!

Similancharter & Tour proudly announces that we start operating plastic free tours starting from the season 2018-2019! 

Several thousand customers visit the amazing sea national parks of Khao Lak area with us every season. Due to the tropical and sunny weather, all our customers are recommended to drink several litres of water on our tours, which means many thousand litres of drinking water is consumed by our customers and guides every year. This also means thousands of disposable water bottles have have turned into garbage and if we think how many bottles end up being garbage if we calculate all the customers visiting the national parks in the region… WOAH! We wanted to end this madness and we are going to cut off almost all the disposable plastic on our tours and challenge all the other tour operators to do the same! We are going to replace disposable plastic such as water bottles, mugs and food wrappings by reusable materials and replace the disposable plastic bags with biodegradable options when picking trash on the beaches (YES our staff is picking trash on the beaches during tours!).

We are super excited about this and hope to change the tourism industry in our region become as sustainable as possible!

We welcome you on our tours, let’s make a change together!