– Since 2009, we are the No. 1 trusted supplier of speedboat charters in Khao Lak –

    Our speedboats can be chartered for any kind of holiday tours, including scuba diving, media production, scientific excursions or if you simply need to transfer somebody or something to one of the islands quickly.

    We either provide full service – including planning, logistics, transfer organization, tour guides (or dive staff) – or you can choose just to rent the speedboat from us and organize the rest by yourself.

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      Destination*: SimilansSurins / KamPrathong

      Charter Boats

      3-Engine / 47 ft

      Perfect for bigger groups or activities requiring a bit of extra space, like scuba diving or media production.

      Capacity (max)47 pax
      Recommended Capacity32 pax
      Engines3 Yamaha 350hp 4-stroke
      Cruise Speed32 knots
      Max Speed40 knots
      FacilitiesGPS, marine toilet, freshwater showers

      Recommended destinations: Similan Islands, Surin Islands & Koh Kam

      1-Engine / 23 ft

      Perfect for groups of 2-4 people wanting to explore the local waters, mangrove forests and beaches around Kho Koh Khao, Koh Prathong and Koh Ra islands.

      Capacity (max)6 pax
      Recommended Capacity4 pax
      Engines1 Suzuki 175hp, 1 Honda 9.9hp
      Cruise Speed25 knots
      Max Speed27 knots
      FacilitiesGPS, fish finder, freshwater shower

      Recommended destinations: Kho Koh Khao, Koh Prathong and Koh Ra islands.

      Longtail-boat / 22 ft

      Perfect for groups of 2-6 people wanting to explore the local waters, mangrove forests and beaches around Khao Nayak.

      Capacity (max)10 pax
      Recommended Capacity6 pax
      Engines1 Yanmar 115hp
      Cruise Speed8 knots
      Max Speed12 knots
      FacilitiesFreshwater tank, roof, ladder

      Recommended destinations: Khao Nayak, Khao Lak Mangroves

      We are happy to arrange and plan your charter with you in advance per email, telephone, skype or personal meetings.

      The speedboat charter tour usually starts at our own pier in Baan Nam Kem hence this is the nearest departure point for most destinations. On request we can transfer your chartered speedboat to another departure pier, e.g. to Thap Lamu, or even right in front of your hotel if beach conditions are suitable. At the pier we provide you with drinks, snacks and help with your logistics if needed. Before departure, we will do the final planning of the days and give you a briefing about safety procedures as well as the current weather and sea conditions.

      If you charter a long-tail boat, the departure pier is located in a small local fishing village near Khao Lak.

      Charter Prices

      The final charter price depends on the following main factors:

      • Charter Boat Type (3-engine, 1-engine, long-tail)
      • Charter Destination
      • Amount of People (for food, national park fees, hotel transfer, etc.)

      In order to give you an accurate quote, we would need some specific information beforehand.

      Payment Details

      On charter confirmation a 30% deposit is required to hold your speedboat for the requested date. Deposit payment can be transferred via credit card, PayPal or via international bank transfer. Balance payment is required on the day of departure.

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      The safety of our guests is our first priority. Experience shows, that major problems at sea mostly occur as a combination of several smaller issues. The best problem prevention is to make sure every single detail is constantly monitored and controlled.

      We have over 30 years of operational experience on these waters and our safety track record is without competition in the Khao Lak area.


      Our main motivation is to provide high quality in all aspects of our operation.

      Speedboat tours are not cheap, nor are your holidays in our wonderful area. Besides the safety aspects, we offer you the best possible quality in

      • Customer service
      • Boat & engine condition
      • Food & beverages
      • Watersport equipment

      All that for a reasonable price.


      We highly value our unique ecosystems and are very serious about their preservation for the future.

      We operate plastic-free tours to alternative destinations and since 2013 we are the only speedboat operator to run all its boats on eco-friendly E85 fuel. Besides the lower gasoline consumption, E85 gasoline reduces the direct injection of harmful chemicals and heavy metals into the sea to a minimum. Furthermore we even shortened the recommended overhaul and service cycles of all engines. So we can make sure that they alway run as efficient as possible and to minimize the risk of dirty engine failures out at the pristine islands.

      Read more about our sustainability commitment here!


      Hiring Similancharter & Tour means you will benefit from decades of experience in building and operating boats at the Andaman Sea. There are some areas on the coastline, where our captains are the only ones who have enough local knowledge to navigate safely. Hence we can offer you exclusive destinations and are your premier contact if you have further requirements – especially for media production or science excursions.

      All that for a reasonable price.

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        Your Name*: 
        Destination*: SimilansSurins / KamPrathong