We Are Going Plastic Free!

Similancharter & Tour proudly announces that we start operating plastic free tours starting from the season 2018-2019! 

Several thousand customers visit the amazing sea national parks of Khao Lak area with us every season. Due to the tropical and sunny weather, all our customers are recommended to drink several litres of water on our tours, which means many thousand litres of drinking water is consumed by our customers and guides every year. This also means thousands of disposable water bottles have have turned into garbage and if we think how many bottles end up being garbage if we calculate all the customers visiting the national parks in the region… WOAH! We wanted to end this madness and we are going to cut off almost all the disposable plastic on our tours and challenge all the other tour operators to do the same! We are going to replace disposable plastic such as water bottles, mugs and food wrappings by reusable materials and replace the disposable plastic bags with biodegradable options when picking trash on the beaches (YES our staff is picking trash on the beaches during tours!).

We are super excited about this and hope to change the tourism industry in our region become as sustainable as possible!

We welcome you on our tours, let’s make a change together!