Breakfast Box & some Tips on how to avoid seasickness


How do I start my day the best way when going on tour & what can help against seasickness?

First of all:
We would definitely recommend to start your tour day by eating a proper breakfast.

Yes we know, our tours start pretty early (to offer you the best time possible at the locations 😉 ), but we know, from our own experience, that it is much nicer to go on a boat with a full stomach. You wonder why?

1. You need energy, since we spend a day sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling, which can be quite tiring.

2. There is a chance you will experience some waves, sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller but to avoid feeling seasick number 1 tip is to have a good breakfast before going on a boat.

So now you know why you should eat before going on the boat, so we can give you some nice advice on how to get the best possible breakfast experience 😉

TIP 1: Every hotel which includes breakfast, offers to pack a take away box for their guests if they miss any meals.

Just ask for it, we are sure they will not hesitate to make their guests happy.

Besides that, we offer a small breakfast (pictures below) at the pier, consistent of coffee, tea, fruits, toast and some other small Thai snacks.

So, when you have had a proper breakfast before the tour, here are some more tips on how to avoid seasickness:

– Be rested
– Sit in the back of the boat (less bumpy).
– Don’t skip to get into the water (when you’re in the water, you don’t feel the movement of the boat).
– Look at the horizon.
– Drink a lot of water!
– Drink Cola (Cola contains phosphoric acid and sugars, the very same ingredients you will find in common anti-nausea drugs).
– Take our offered seasickness pill.



…and enjoy your tour! 🙂