Nemo bigger

Challenges – Happiness – Highlights

I hope you all had a good start into 2017 and I wish you a happy and relaxed New Year.

Already a while past since my last written lines. What have I done in the meantime? I could gain more experience, started with some free diving and as I promised you I also took some pictures.

Where to start? Well, first of all after two and a half month I feel really comfortable with snorkeling. At the moment the main reasons why not getting into the water is if I have the feeling it’s too cold. 😉 But don’t worry when you’re coming from a place where it’s about 0C° you won’t agree that the water is cold.

Now it makes me smiling when I can look at the first time snorkeler and see with what fears they are struggling and I still exactly know how it feels. I often offer people to show them around and already the feeling that they don’t have to swim alone makes them usually more comfortable.

Last time I heard,

“I have never before seen my wife snorkeling like that”

she was so happy and lost all her fears. For me it’s such a great feeling when I know at the end of the day that I could bring the snorkeling thing closer to someone.

MTurltey highlights of what I could see until know are definitely the turtles they are so cute and last week I hate the chance to see a spotted eagle ray.

I would love to show you pictures of them but with the turtle I tried but you have to know that it’s a turtle on my pictures and for the spotted eagle ray I was swimming around with a customer and didn’t have my camera with me.

But I have still some month left 😉 and I’m really looking forward that the manta ray season should start soon.

On our facebook page you can find some good pictures of turtles 😉

As you can remark I still have my problems to take good pictures…

That’s why I like to start with an easy one, the Nemo fish. You can find him at many different places and he is not swimming away 😉

Nemo coming closerSo for those who only now Nemo from the movie, first some Facts.

  • Koh Kam- central islandNemo official name is False Clown Anemonefish or ocellaris.
  • Nemo is an Anemonefish and likes warm  water.  In the Atlantic for example you will  not find him.
  • They exist in different colors in the Andaman Sea mainly the well-known  white/orange color then black/white colour   and brown color.
  • Clownfishes with different colors can never be found in the same Anemones.
  • Only Clownfishes can live in the Anemones for all other fishes it’s poisoning.
  • Clownfishes can grow up to 11 cm.
  • All Clowhnfishes’s gender is first male and when they are mature they become females.

For those who are still not 100% sure if they want to go snorkeling we also have a very nice island hopping tour called Koh Kam. Maybe we can convince you there how beautiful the marine life is and if the weather and sea condition allow us we also have the chance to do snorkeling on this trip.