Koh Kam Season Opening


The season has started, and we operated the first Koh Kam tour of this season on Monday 4.11! The sun was shining and we were enjoying the day at sea by swimming, sunbathing, eating and enjoying the comfortable boat ride of the sheltered waters surrounding us.

We are proud to be the only speedboat company to operate tours on this amazing and untouched national park.

Let us tell you a little about this well kept secret, and why everyone tired of tourist crowds should join us on the tour.

Kam Archipelago is a group of five islands belonging to Laem Son National Park, which covers 350 km2 on the west coast of Phang Nga and Ranong provinces. They are yet to be developed, and due to their north location from Phuket, hardly visited by anyone else than few locals and us.

You can read more about this beautiful destination here!

The pearl of Kam Archipelago is definitely the Ao Khwai lagoon, which translated into English means Buffalo Lagoon. That is because Thais usually name islands by how they look, and the shape of Ao Khwai reminds of buffalo’s horns.

On our Koh Kam tour, we are spending 2 hours and having lunch on this beautiful remote Island. It is a perfect getaway for anybody who seeks peace and true paradise experience.

During the 6 month rain season, there are no visitors on this island and the sea conditions are rough. Due to the location and shape towards the open ocean, this beautiful paradise lagoon collects all the trash of these 6 months carried by currents and waves. We at Similancharter & Tour are helping the national park to fight against the plastic pollution by organising beach clean-ups and collecting ghost fish-nets around the national park. You can read about our latest beach clean-up from here!


Koh Kam is a trip to remember. In today’s world lonely beaches in tropical paradise only exist in social media feeds…. and in Laem Son national park.

See you there!