Snorkeling unimaginable?

I hope with the following lines I can change your mind and you come to explore this wonderful world with me! =)

I love sun, beach and warm water but fishes, as long as they are not too big and not coming too close I’m perfectly fine. Sometimes it’s just better when you don’t know what is below you then you can’t be afraid. But everything is going to be fine somehow I will manage this.


Massage hut on Koh Prathong

With those words I like to say hi to everybody!

My name is Adriana, I’m from Switzerland and doing an internship with Similancharter & Tour until the end of the season. More information about me you will get in the next weeks or by asking me directly on the tour.
I’ve been in Khao Lak for about six weeks and you may not believe it but now I really love go snorkeling and exploring the marine life. Especially our Surin Tour is great for green horns like me. I realized the fishes don’t do anything, some are really beautiful and as long as you are not touching anything nothing can happen.

First snorkeling experience

I can perfectly remember my first time snorkeling, I was super nervous and was really hoping that no customers going to ask me anything because I actually really have no idea about anything. On the boat they were just telling, if you are very lucky you’ll see a shark or a turtle. My reactions turtle oh so cute I really like to see one, shark oh no please I’m too afraid. I just went into the water when our snorkeling guide was shouting shark, shark, I was still busy by fixing my mask and just saw swimming something below me I still don’t know if it was the shark or maybe it only was a leaf but it was enough for me to almost panic. But hey I’m still alive ;). I wasn’t staying to long in the water and I also don’t remember what I’ve seen. -but no turtle-. After the tour I was asking my internship supporter how dangerous the sharks are and then realized they ‘re not at all. They’re more afraid of me swimming in the ocean. I felt a bit stupid and in the same time released that I don’t have to worry for the future.

Of course there are still some species I guess I would be a little bit afraid when I’m going to see them the first time but now I’m hoping at each snorkeling stop to be lucky and see a shark. How quickly an opinion could change. =) I also started to do some pictures under water but it is harder than I thought. But I am sure that until the end of my internship you’ll see here some amazing pictures of the marine life of Andaman Sea. =)

What do I like to tell you with that story? Being afraid should not be a reason to not trying it, if you really on the boat at into the water and you don’t like it at all just enjoy a lovely day on the sea. It would be such a big shame not seeing this wonderful underwater world.

Our team would love to bring those fascinating life closer to you.

See you soon.

Adriana snorkeling