Our beautiful ecosystems are suffering from unsustainable tourism. Similancharter & Tour has committed to only organise tours, which have  minimal negative effect on the fragile ecosystems.  We work hard every day for influencing the sustainability development of tourism in our region, and hope to motivate all the other tour operators to do the same.

We Are Going Plastic Free!

Similancharter & Tour proudly announces that we start operating…

Plastic-Free Tours

The amount of garbage in our ocean is increasing drastically. We didn’t want to risk garbage getting to the sea on our tours, so we cut off almost all disposable plastic, such as disposable water bottles, mugs and food wrappings. In situations where plastic cannot be avoided (for example when collecting garbage from the beaches), we are using biodegradable alternatives. Our guides are committed to collecting garbage on the beaches during our tours.


Since 2013 we have been using E85-biofuel on all of our boats. E85-biofuel contains 85 % corn and sugarcane -based ethanol, which is a renewable source of energy. This decreases the carbon footprint and emissions of harmful chemicals up to 80 % compared to regular boat engines. Engines running with E85-fuel also consume less fuel, reducing the amount of exhaust fumes.

Currently we are the only tour operator in Khao Lak using E85-fuel.

Eco Friendly fuel

Alternative destinations

You have probably noticed, that there are only a few popular sea tour destinations around Khao Lak: Similan, Surin and Koh Phi Phi – destinations visited by big numbers of tourists every year. Similancharter & Tour also offers alternative tour destinations, which helps to reduce the already existing negative effects for these popular national parks. This means you can enjoy your day at sea on lonely paradise islands – and help the local environment!

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