The Similans are the most popular islands for snorkeling trips from Khao Lak

The islands you will find here include the quintessential paradise island with lush jungle inland, breathtaking white sandy beaches on the fringes and an azure sea lapping on the edges of the shore.

  • includes Koh Bon!
  • Anticyclic Schedule
  • Snorkeling is really the priority
  • 3.900,-

    Children: 2.400,-

Last Minute:

Monday, 18. Nov • spaces available
Monday, 30. Dec • spaces available
Monday, 03. Feb • spaces available


Anticyclic Itinerary

Princess Beach Similan nr. 4

To make it clear: the Similans are very popular and are visited by ever increasing numbers of guests. That is why we have decided for an anticyclic tour schedule. If you are ok with a late departure but lunch around 11am, we think that we can offer you an acceptabler tour to the Similans without too much encounter of other tourists. In the past more and more operators, us included, have decided for an early start to offer a handful of minutes of “lonely time” for their customers. Today nearly every tour company advertises an early start and a private viewpoint experience. We think it’s about time to sleep in and go for lunch while the others are at their first snorkeling stop. When everybody else then head to the beaches for lunch, we should find the snorkel sites empty enough for our first snorkel stop. After a short stop at the popular Donald Duck Bay for your holiday photo, we will then head to Koh Bon, your snorkel highlight of the day.

Snorkeling at Koh Bon

Koh Bon is a solitary island roughly 20km off the Similans. Its exposed sitaution makes it a hotspot for marine life. Many larger fish species thrive in the crystal clear waters around the island and big patches of hard coral bloom in the shallow parts of Koh Bons reefs.

What you can see

Next to breems, groupers, snappers, fuseliers and trevally the hard corals give shelter to sea snakes, octopusses, many different kinds of shrimps, surgeonfish, pufferfish and longnose emperor fish.

..and if you’re lucky:

Next to a resident family of impressive napoleon wrasse there are also blacktip reef sharks roaming certain parts of the shallow areas. Between January and April the famous giant manta rays pay a frequent visit to Koh Bon. Although the overall chances of encounters are quite low, once they are in the area, we will do everything we can to increase your chance of getting a glimpse of these majestic giants.

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Not a rare sight between January and April: Giant Manta Ray (manta birostris)

Weather & Sea Conditions

Between November and January – especially around Christmas and New Years – steady northerly winds regularly create short bumpy waves, which can make parts of the boat rides uncomfortable. Although this does not affect the safety of the boat rides, we can not guarantee enjoyable boat rides to every individual on every given day. We experienced a wide range of individual guest reactions to these conditions. As the Koh Kam tour does not require the speedboat to leave sheltered waters at any time, this does apply to all tours except Koh Kam and eventual Prathong tours.

From February on weather and sea conditions are usually very calm and comfortable.

Medical Advice

Individuals with the following medical conditions are excluded from this speedboat tour:

  • Back Issues
  • Heart Issues & Diseases
  • Pregnancy

Please be advised that this is a safety regulation by the Thai Department for National Parks and there is no insurance cover for individuals with these conditions whatsoever on speedboat tours!

How Bookings Work

To enquire or book, the best way is to just use this contact form here. Next to your name, nationality and amount of guests, we need the name of your hotel – and your room number once you checked in. During your stay in Khao Lak your hotel and room nr is like an ID for every operator and driver through which we can easily identify you and get in touch with you. Hint: if you have booked your tour well in advance and don’t know your room nr until check-in – just show your E-Voucher to your hotel staff after check-in and ask them to inform us about your current room number for our pickup roster.

The final confirmation of your booking via email will mention “Confirmation: date, destination, amount of guests” in the subject of our confirmation email, as well as include an E-Voucher PDF attached. If you have a mobilke device, you don’t need to print this E-Voucher, just show it to the driver and to us at the pier on your phone.


If your tour date is later than one week from the date of confirmation, we definitely need a 30% deposit via paypal, cash or wire transfer. (We are currently working on online credit card payment system). If you are lucky enough to get a space on a tour within the next five days, you can often pay the full amount on departure day in cash at the pier. Any balance payment is also to be made at the pier before departure.

Cancellation Policy

Until 24h before tour departure you can cancel your tour anytime via email or phone call. If you don’t have any means of communication, just show the E-Voucher to your hotel reception and ask them to cancel the tour for you.

Cancellations within 24hours of tour departure require a 50% payment of the tour price!

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